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BluMachines, New Delhi is a Leading Manufacturers of All Types of Stationary Machine, Food Processing Machinery in Delhi, NCR also in Quality, Certified ISO 9001-2015 and Tested Manual, Automatic and Fully Automatic Pen Making Machine Manufactures, Food Processing Machines in Delhi NCR, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon at Pan India, Owing to our highly productive manufacturing base Units and Staff for Installation in Haryana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Naidu, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Himanchal Pradesh, Punjab, Kashmir, Odisha, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala.

BluMachines is Reliable Manufacturer, Assembler, Supplier, and Trader, of Blow Molding Machine, Injection Blow Molding Machine, Paper Cutting & Making Machine, Chillers, and Blow Molding Machine etc. We develop these high standard machines as per the international parameters of quality that increases their market worth.

Non woven poly bags are liquid resistant and offered in variety of patters. These can be used for regular purpose and manufactured to meet the requirements of the clients. They are designed in variegated patterns and following the latent trends to satisfy the end user and available in reasonable prices.

BluMac Semi Automatic N95/KN95 Medical Face Mask Making Machine

BluMac SemiAutomatic N95/KN95 Medical Face Mask Making Machine comes with

Complete Ultrasonic Set With Roller Stand
Ear Loop Welding Machine
Banding Machine
Nose Strip Machine

  • Fabric Used for N95,KN94
  • Plain Non Woven Polyester Fabric
  • Different Types Of Melt blown Fabric
  • Filter Fabric
  • Dust Filter Fabric
  • Air Purifier Fabric

Product Details On N95

A medical N95 respirator consists of multiple layers of nonwoven fabric, often made from polypropylene. The two outward protective layers of fabric, covering the inside and outside of the mask, are created using spun bonding. Spun bonding uses nozzles blowing melted threads of a thermoplastic polymer (often polypropylene) to layer threads between 15-35 micrometres on a conveyor belt, which build up into cloth as the belt continues down the line. Fibbers are then bonded using thermal, mechanical, or chemical techniques. The two outer layers of the respirator, between 20 and 50 g/m2 in density, act as protection against the outside environment as well as a barrier to anything in the wearer’s exhalations.

Between the spun bond layers there’s a pre-filtration layer, which can be as dense as 250 g/m2, and the filtration layer. The prefiltration layer is usually a needled nonwoven. Nonwoven material is needle punched to increase its cohesiveness, which is accomplished by sending barbed needles repeatedly through the fabric to hook fibres together. The prefiltration layer is then run through a hot calendaring process, in which plastic fibres are thermally bonded by running them through high pressure heated rolls. This makes the pre-filtration layer thicker and stiffer, so it can be moulded to form the desired shape and stay in that shape as the mask is used.

The last layer is a high efficiency melt blown electret (or polarized) nonwoven material, which determines the filtration efficiency. Melt blowing is a process similar to spun bonding, in which multiple machine nozzles use air to spray threads of melted synthetic polymers onto a conveyor. However, these fibres are much smaller, as less than a micron wide. As the conveyor continues, the threads build up and bond by themselves as they cool, creating the fabric. However, sometimes melt blown fabric is also thermally bonded to add strength and abrasion resistance, although the material then begins to lose some of its fabric characteristics.

    BluMac Ultrasonic Sealing Machine with Rollers.


Machines Includs in Semi Automatic N95 Face Mask Making Machine.



BluMac Loop Welding Machine


KN 95 Mask Banding Machine