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BluMachines, New Delhi is a Leading Manufacturers of All Types of Stationary Machine, Food Processing Machinery in Delhi, NCR also in Quality, Certified ISO 9001-2015 and Tested Manual, Automatic and Fully Automatic Pen Making Machine Manufactures, Food Processing Machines in Delhi NCR, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon at Pan India, Owing to our highly productive manufacturing base Units and Staff for Installation in Haryana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Naidu, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Himanchal Pradesh, Punjab, Kashmir, Odisha, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala.

BluMachines is Reliable Manufacturer, Assembler, Supplier, and Trader, of Blow Molding Machine, Injection Blow Molding Machine, Paper Cutting & Making Machine, Chillers, and Blow Molding Machine etc. We develop these high standard machines as per the international parameters of quality that increases their market worth.

Non woven poly bags are liquid resistant and offered in variety of patters. These can be used for regular purpose and manufactured to meet the requirements of the clients. They are designed in variegated patterns and following the latent trends to satisfy the end user and available in reasonable prices.

Bio - Degradable Granules Making Machinery

BluMachines is a highly technological and Process and Systems oriented company, we are leading importers of all kind of industrial related to food processing machines, Corn-starch , cassava , sugar cane , potato starch bag making machine, Polyester stable fabric, Geo fabric machine. We are happy to share that we are the leaders in Biodegradable Machines from india. We are one of the best importers of top notch machines. We import these machines from Taiwan, China, South Korea, Japan, and Europe, including Germany, France, Denmark, and other places of the world.

The Ultimate goal of BluMac is to develop the local community and to improve the customer quality of life through business activities. We develop these high standard machines as per the international parameters of quality that increases their market worth

About Degradable Plastic Bag :

Plastic bags can be made "oxo-biodegradable" by being manufactured from a normal plastic polymer (i.e. polyethylene) or polypropylene incorporating an additive which causes degradation and then biodegradation of the polymer (polyethylene) due to oxidation. Most bags that are manufactured from plastic are made from corn-based materials, like polyactic acid blends. Biodegradable plastic bags are nowadays as strong and reliable as traditional bags. Many bags are also made from paper, organic materials, or polycaprolactone. In-plant scrap can often be recycled but post-consumer sorting and recycling is difficult. Bio-based polymers will contaminate the recycling of other more common polymers. While oxo-biodegradable plastic manufacturers claim that their bags are recyclable, many plastic film recyclers will not accept them, as there have been no long-term studies on the viability of recycled-content products with these additives. Further, the Biodegradable Plastics Institute (BPI) says that the formulation of additives in oxo films varies greatly, which introduces even more variability in the recycling process Since there are no pass-fail tests for "biodegradable" plastic bags, manufacturers must print on the product the environmental requirements for biodegradation to take place, time frame and end results in order to be within US Trade Requirements. Require proper marking of these products to show their performance limits.

Bio-plastic are mainly means two types of plastic, compo stable plastic and bio based plastics. The compo-stable plastic is made up of renewable and non-renewable resources. Whereas bio based plastic are made up of renewable resources.

Bio degradation is the chemical process in which the material itself decomposes into the nature. The plastic which is made from bio based substance known as bio-based plastic and the plastic which can be decomposed by natural organism is called biodegradable plastic. Bio plastics are a new generation of plastics which are biodegradable and compo stable. They are manufactured generally from renewable raw materials like starch from e.g. corn, potato, as a whole is used as a feed stock for bio-plastic to get starch, cellulose, lactic acid etc. which are not hazardous in production and decompose back into carbon dioxide.

The starch is obtained from the endosperm of the corn kernel. The demand of starch is high in many sector not only in food, but also increasing from paper industries to food packaging industries. Starch could provide numerous advantages in various industrial application if a proper production and utilization of starch can be maintained. There is up scaling demand of the material and downscaling in its availability due to scarce of oil. Therefore, it is wiser to move towards new organic material rather than using of oil based plastic. The bio-plastic are the best solution for safe disposable of plastic without harming the environment and even marine living creatures. The knowledge of this can contribute a lot in the field of bio plastics. Polylactic acid, PLA is starch based polymer having significant uses in different field of production.

Corn starch bio compo-stables are made from corn starch. The starch is converted into a polymer, the main ingredient in materials that have a plastic-like feel. The plastics can be clear or opaque, soft or hard. A kind of acid called polyactic acid (PLA) is made from the corn starch. This is why corn starch bio compostable are sometimes called PLA plastics. PLA plastics , are moulded the same way conventional plastic is. They can be moulded, extruded, or shaped by heating and cooling (thermal shaping).

Eco Friendly Bio Degradable Palstic { Biopp }

Bio-degradable plastic refers to the plastic that is decomposed completely into water and carbon dioxide in order to be decayed in the earth by the microorganism or lyase.Since such bio-degradable plastic does not generate the hazard substance when it is buried under the ground or incinerated, it arises as the best alternative to solve diverse problems of plastic.


Harmless to human body and cold resistance and heat resistance.
Since it is harmless to the human body,it can be substitute existing disposable plastic container and it is much con as it can be used for oven and microwave oven by its high heat resistance and cold resistance

Save petrochemical materials for plastic dramatically.

Since it uses the natural inorganic subsyance,the natural mineral,it can save more than 50%of the petrochemical material for plastic,which is main cause of environmental pollution,it helps protect the environment.

Eco-friendly production process

As the hazard materials are not used in the material production process,on damage is made to the environment, The production environment is safe and no harm is made to human body.

When incinerating,the environment pollution is reduced dramatically.Reduce CO2 generation.When incinerating,no environmental hormone or toxic gas is generated no smoke or smell is made and the carbon dioxide is generated less than50%of existing plastic products

When burying,it is decomposed biologically and become beneficial to soil.

When burying,it is decomposed biologically within short period of time (about 12 months) and absorbed to the soil,and since it is alkaline,it serves neutralizing the acid soil.


Excellent design and good merchantability.

Appearance is good and luxurious,it can increase the product value when using it for food container or tray,and can be produced with the product of diverse form and designs.

TSE-50-600-55Twin-Screw Extruder - CE Standards