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BLUMAC was born in 2012 to realise the dream of a young economy that was on the cusp of industrials Machinery Imports and Exports in India.

Ever since, we’ve been at the heart of Customers. We’ve supported the growth of the customer in business and personal life byProviding high quality and Unique technological, upgraded Machinery for regular needs in today business era.

M/s.Blumachines Providing machinery vital for different industries like GEO Fabric, Polyester Fabric, Face Mask Making, Food Processing etc.

Since the inception of Blu-Impex and Blu Machines, As A name we have been chosen by our Respective clients, we at “Blu” always like to be partner in Business growth of our Clients

We have been gone through with all kind of setbacks and difficulties, challenges one after another at the beginning. Now we are happy to show the world the line of companions to leave, adding value and more willing to believe the business partners, become the most best solid team in M/s.Blumachines.

We always ready to face challenges in the market, we believe that “there is best and better than existing things” we have sold over 700 + machines throughout India. We proud to say we are trusted partners in various products making industries in India.

New Step in 2020 M/s.Ruian Green machinery Pvt Ltd.,

In 2020 A New Milestone year for Blu Machines turned in to Private Limited Company from Proprietary Ship.

Business Leaders in

Bio Degradable Bag Making Machinery
Face mask Making Machinery
PP Non Woven Bag Making Machinery

Our Vision

Our Goal is to be your best business partner to make profit with apt Goods & service”.

Our Mission

Aim to reach best Company in Providing True value and Best quality Machines to our Clients”.

Our Oath

At Blu Machines innovation and Quality is in every step we make, we continuously put our enthusiasm into our profession and this helps to our client to get the best.

Multiformity at Work Place

With open mind and being flexible makes BluMachnies able to integrate the ever changing technologies. We build a diverse range of equipment which will even be beyond your own imagination!


We take machine quality seriously, this includes the operating stability and the value created by our machines.


“Blu” believe that continuous production is the key to seizing business opportunities, therefore, our prompt and effective service helps you to develop and progress your production line